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I´ve been scrolling a little bit about all the nationalities of the players on RGMIX.

It seems like a lot of people from Central/Wester Europe plays here, i´m from Czech Republic and my ping is always between 70-90.

Would you be interested in opening 2 servers in Central Europe ?

I can giveaway 2 servers 1000fps , to provide better quality play for whole Europe.


Here are the IP to try the latency:




Prague, Czech Republic -

Nuremberg, Germany -


I don´t own the RPGmix plugin, so i´m asking to you if you can manage this FTP issue

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Сейчас я много работаю, у меня нет времени с вами связаться. Пожалуйста, подождите немного.


P.s use translator, for this message.

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