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Enigma Moviemaking Cfg


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//Moviemaking CFG by 3n19ma




mat_setvideomode 1280 720 1


cl_forwardspeed "200"

cl_backspeed "200"

cl_sidespeed "200"

cl_upspeed "200"

cl_yawspeed "200"


bind "i" "+moveup"

bind "k" "+movedown"

bind "j" "+left"

bind "l" "+right"


cl_interpolate 1

sv_cheats 1

sv_specnoclip 0

cl_forwardspeed 400

cl_upspeed 400

cl_sidespeed 400

cl_downspeed 400

cl_sidespeed 400

net_graph 0

hud_saytext_time 0

cl_crosshairscale 1600

cl_dynamiccrosshair 0

cl_crosshairalpha 250

cl_crosshairusealpha 1

cl_locationalpha 0

cl_radaralpha 0

cl_radartype 0


mat_antialias 4

mat_menableditorgamma 2.2

mat_picmip 0

mat_forceaniso 16

mat_trilinear 1

mat_aaquality 0

mat_vsync 0

mat_bumpmap 1

mat_specular 0

mat_reducefillrate 0

mat_colorcorrection 0

r_rootlod -1

r_modellodscale 1.0

r_shadowrendertotexture 1

r_shadows 1

r_rainsimulate 1

r_renderoverlayfragment 0


mat_hdr_enabled 0

mat_hdr_level 0

cl_c4dynamiclight 1

cl_detaildist 99999

cl_detailfade 99999

cl_showpluginmessages 0

cl_observercrosshair 0

cl_ejectbrass 1

cl_forcepreload 1

cl_minmodels 0

cl_min_ct 1

cl_min_t 2

cl_phys_props_enable 1

cl_phys_props_max 99999

cl_radaralpha 0

cl_radartype 0

cl_showfps 0

cl_ragdoll_collide 1

cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 1

cl_righthand 1

cl_show_splashes 1

cl_wpn_sway_scale 0

cl_wpn_sway_interp 0

con_enable 1

fog_enable 1

fog_enable_water_fog 1

fog_enableskybox 1


hud_centerid 0

hud_saytext_time 0

hud_showtargetid 0

mat_clipz 1

mat_compressedtextures 1

mat_diffuse 1

mat_disable_bloom 0

mat_fastnobump 0

mat_fastspecular 0

mat_filterlightmaps 1

mat_forceaniso 16

mat_force_bloom 1

mat_parallaxmap 1

mat_picmip 0

mat_reducefillrate 0

mat_softwarelighting 0

mat_texture_limit -1

mat_trilinear 1

mat_vsync 0

mp_decals 99999

muzzleflash_light 1

net_graph 0

overview_alpha 0

overview_health 0

overview_names 0

overview_preferred_mode 0

overview_tracks 0

r_avglight 1

r_cheapwaterend 99999

r_cheapwaterstart 99999

r_decal_cullsize 0

r_decals 99999

r_dopixelvisibility 0

r_drawflecks 1

r_drawmodeldecals 1

r_drawrain 1

r_drawropes 1

r_dynamic 1

r_eyeglintlodpixels 0

r_eyegloss 1

r_eyemove 1

r_lightinterp 5

r_lod -7

r_modellodscale 1.0

r_phong 1

r_radiosity 4

r_rainsimulate 1

r_rainsplashpercentage 0

r_renderoverlayfragment 0

r_rootlod -1

r_shadows 1

r_shadowmaxrendered 99999

r_shadowrendertotexture 1

sv_voiceenable 0

r_teeth 1

r_waterdrawrefraction 1

r_waterdrawreflection 1

r_waterforceexpensive 1

r_worldlights 0.9

voice_enable 0

host_timescale 0

r_mmx 1

r_sse 1

r_sse2 1

r_3dnow 1

con_notifytime "0"

r_3dsky 1

r_dynamic 1

r_occlusion 1

scr_centertime "0"

con_notifytime "0"

rope_averagelight 1

rope_shake 0

rope_collide 1

rope_wind_dist 333

hud_deathnotice_time 10

rope_smooth 1

rope_subdiv 1

violence_ablood 1

violence_agibs 1

violence_hblood 1

violence_hgibs 1


//Take Single Screenshot - F9


bind f9 "jpeg"


//Record avi - F10


bind f10 "startavia"

alias startavia "startmovie a avi;bind f10 startavib;echo Recording avi"

alias startavib "startmovie b avi;bind f10 startavic;echo Recording avi"

alias startavic "startmovie c avi;bind f10 startavid;echo Recording avi"

alias startavid "startmovie d avi;bind f10 startavie;echo Recording avi"

alias startavie "startmovie e avi;bind f10 startavif;echo Recording avi"

alias startavif "startmovie f avi;bind f10 startavig;echo Recording avi"

alias startavig "startmovie g avi;bind f10 startavih;echo Recording avi"

alias startavih "startmovie h avi;bind f10 startavii;echo Recording avi"

alias startavii "startmovie i avi;bind f10 startavij;echo Recording avi"

alias startavij "startmovie j avi;bind f10 startavik;echo Recording avi"

alias startavik "startmovie k avi;bind f10 startavil;echo Recording avi"

alias startavil "startmovie l avi;bind f10 startavim;echo Recording avi"

alias startavim "startmovie m avi;bind f10 startavin;echo Recording avi"

alias startavin "startmovie n avi;bind f10 startavio;echo Recording avi"

alias startavio "startmovie o avi;bind f10 startavip;echo Recording avi"

alias startavip "startmovie p avi;bind f10 startaviq;echo Recording avi"

alias startaviq "startmovie q avi;bind f10 startavir;echo Recording avi"

alias startavir "startmovie r avi;bind f10 startavis;echo Recording avi"

alias startavis "startmovie s avi;bind f10 startavit;echo Recording avi"

alias startavit "startmovie t avi;bind f10 startaviu;echo Recording avi"

alias startaviu "startmovie u avi;bind f10 startaviv;echo Recording avi"

alias startaviv "startmovie v avi;bind f10 startaviw;echo Recording avi"

alias startaviw "startmovie w avi;bind f10 startavix;echo Recording avi"

alias startavix "startmovie x avi;bind f10 startaviy;echo Recording avi"

alias startaviy "startmovie y avi;bind f10 startaviz;echo Recording avi"

alias startaviz "startmovie z avi;bind f10 startaviend;echo Recording avi"

alias startaviend1 "showconsole;echo Recording limit exceeded. Restart the game/re-execute the movie config to record again.

alias startaviend2 "echo Be careful not to overwrite previous recordings."

alias startaviend3 "echo Find your avi files in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\username\counter-strike source"

alias startaviend "startaviend1;startaviend2;startaviend3"



//Record Screenshots - F11


bind f11 "starta"

alias starta "startmovie a;bind f11 startb;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startb "startmovie b;bind f11 startc;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startc "startmovie c;bind f11 startd;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startd "startmovie d;bind f11 starte;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias starte "startmovie e;bind f11 startf;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startf "startmovie f;bind f11 startg;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startg "startmovie g;bind f11 starth;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias starth "startmovie h;bind f11 starti;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias starti "startmovie i;bind f11 startj;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startj "startmovie j;bind f11 startk;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startk "startmovie k;bind f11 startl;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startl "startmovie l;bind f11 startm;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startm "startmovie m;bind f11 startn;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startn "startmovie n;bind f11 starto;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias starto "startmovie o;bind f11 startp;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startp "startmovie p;bind f11 startq;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startq "startmovie q;bind f11 startr;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startr "startmovie r;bind f11 starts;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias starts "startmovie s;bind f11 startt;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startt "startmovie t;bind f11 startu;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startu "startmovie u;bind f11 startv;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startv "startmovie v;bind f11 startw;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startw "startmovie w;bind f11 startx;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startx "startmovie x;bind f11 starty;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias starty "startmovie y;bind f11 startz;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startz "startmovie z;bind f11 startend;echo Recording Screenshots"

alias startend1 "showconsole;echo Recording limit exceeded. Restart the game/re-execute the movie config to record again.

alias startend2 "echo Be careful not to overwrite previous recordings."

alias startend3 "echo Find your screenshots in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\username\counter-strike source\cstrike"

alias startend "startend1;startend2;startend3"


//Stop Recording - F12


bind "f12" "endmovie"


//My changes


bind "f8" "hidepanel all"

cl_crosshairsize 3

hud_deathnotice_time 15 //para mais tempo os nomes das frags 15 default

scr_centertime 0

mp_playerid 0


//Framerates - Control + Arrow Keys


bind "CTRL" "host_framerate 0;echo host_framerate reverted to default. DemoUI is functional again."

bind "LEFTARROW" "host_framerate 1000;echo Now Capturing @ 1000 FPS"

bind "DOWNARROW" "host_framerate 500;echo Now Capturing @ 500 FPS"

bind "RIGHTARROW" "host_framerate 240;echo Now Capturing @ 240 FPS"

bind "UPARROW" "host_framerate 1500;echo Now Capturing @ 1500 FPS"


//Demo Playback Speed - Keypad 0 through 4


bind "kp_ins" "host_timescale .25;echo Demo Playback Speed: 25%"

bind "kp_end" "host_timescale .5;echo Demo Playback Speed: 50%"

bind "kp_downarrow" "host_timescale 1;echo Demo Playback Speed: 100%"

bind "kp_pgdn" "host_timescale 2;echo Demo Playback Speed: 200%"

bind "kp_leftarrow" "host_timescale 6;echo Demo Playback Speed: 600%"


//Toggle Player Model - 1


bind 1 "hidemodel"

alias hidemodel "sv_cheats 1;r_drawviewmodel 0;bind 1 hidemodel2;echo Player Model: OFF"

alias hidemodel2 "sv_cheats 1;r_drawviewmodel 1;bind 1 hidemodel;echo Player Model: ON"


//Toggle Crosshair - 2


bind 2 "hidecrosshair"

alias hidecrosshair "sv_cheats 1;crosshair 0;bind 2 hidecrosshair2;echo Crosshair: OFF"

alias hidecrosshair2 "sv_cheats 1;crosshair 1;bind 2 hidecrosshair;echo Crosshair: ON"


//Toggle Radar - 3


bind 3 "toggleradar"

alias toggleradar "sv_cheats 1;cl_radaralpha 200;drawradar;overview_preferred_mode 1;bind 3 toggleradar2;echo Radar: ON"

alias toggleradar2 "sv_cheats 1;cl_radaralpha 0;hideradar;overview_preferred_mode 0;bind 3 toggleradar;echo Radar: OFF"


//Toggle Spectator Bars - 4


bind 4 "specbars"

alias specbars "sv_cheats 1;hidepanel all;bind 4 specbars2;echo Spectator Bars: OFF"

alias specbars2 "sv_cheats 1;showpanel all;hidepanel specmenu;hidepanel nav_progress;bind 4 specbars;echo Spectator Bars: ON"


//Toggle Text - 5


bind 5 "toggletext"

alias toggletext "sv_cheats 1;hud_saytext_time 12;bind 5 toggletext2;echo Text: ON"

alias toggletext2 "sv_cheats 1;hud_saytext_time 0;bind 5 toggletext;echo Text: OFF"


//Toggle HUD - 6


bind 6 "togglehud"

alias togglehud "sv_cheats 1;cl_drawhud 0;bind 6 togglehud2;echo HUD: OFF"

alias togglehud2 "sv_cheats 1;cl_drawhud 1;bind 6 togglehud;echo HUD: ON"


//First/3rd Person - 7


bind 7 "firstthird"

alias firstthird "sv_cheats 1;thirdperson;bind 7 firstthird2;echo Third Person Mode"

alias firstthird2 "sv_cheats 1;firstperson;bind 7 firstthird;echo First Person Mode"



//Toggle Wireframe (Full)- 8


bind 8 "wireframe"

alias wireframe "sv_cheats 1;mat_wireframe 3;bind 8 wireframe2;echo Full Wireframe: ON"

alias wireframe2 "sv_cheats 1;mat_wireframe 0;bind 8 wireframe;echo Full Wireframe: OFF"


//Toggle Wireframe (Models Only) - 9


bind 9 "modelframe"

alias modelframe "sv_cheats 1;r_drawothermodels 2;bind 9 modelframe2;echo Models Wire Frame: ON"

alias modelframe2 "sv_cheats 1;r_drawothermodels 1;bind 9 modelframe;echo Models Wire Frame: OFF"


//Toggle mat_proxy - 0


bind 0 "proxy"

alias proxy "sv_cheats 1;mat_proxy 2;bind 0 proxy2;echo Press 8 to set mat_proxy level..."

alias proxy2 "sv_cheats 1;mat_proxy 1;bind 0 proxy3;echo mat_proxy: ON"

alias proxy3 "sv_cheats 1;mat_proxy 0;bind 0 proxy;echo mat_proxy: OFF"


//Toggle mat_fillrate - -


bind - "fillrate"

alias fillrate "sv_cheats 1;mat_fillrate 1;bind - fillrate2;echo mat_fillrate: ON"

alias fillrate2 "sv_cheats 1;mat_fillrate 0;bind - fillrate;echo mat_fillrate: OFF"


//Toggle Overlay Wallhack - =


bind = "exec movie/overlaywallhack.cfg"


//Toggle Smoke/Dust - Backspace


bind backspace "smoke"

alias smoke "sv_cheats 1;r_drawparticles 0;bind backspace smoke2;echo Smoke/Dust: OFF"

alias smoke2 "sv_cheats 1;r_drawparticles 1;bind backspace smoke;echo Smoke/Dust: ON"

exec stvfast


echo "========================"

echo "3n19ma MOVIE CFG"

echo "========================"

echo " "

echo "Recording"

echo "------------------------"

echo "F8 - Hidepanel ALL"

echo "F9 - Take Single Screenshot"

echo "F11 - Record Screenshots"

echo "F12 - Endmovie"

echo " "

echo "Framerates"

echo "------------------------"

echo "Control - Revert host_framerate for Functional DemoUI"

echo "Right Arrow - Capture @ 240 fps"

echo "Down Arrow - Capture @ 500 fps"

echo "Left Arrow - Capture @ 1000 fps"

echo "Up Arrow - Capture @ 1500 fps"

echo " "

echo "HUD"

echo "------------------------"

echo "6 - Toggle HUD"

echo " "

echo "CVAR Cheats"

echo "------------------------"

echo "8 - Toggle Wireframe ( full )"

echo "9 - Toggle Wireframe ( models only )"

echo " "

echo "------------------------"

echo " GL TO YOUR CLIP! :D"

echo "------------------------"

echo "Subscribe My Channel's:"

echo "www.youtube.com/3n19ma"

echo "www.youtube.com/the3n19ma"

echo " "

echo " "

echo "Love,"

echo "3n19ma"



Помощь с установкой



1. Копируем конфиг в буфер.

2. Идем в вашу дирректорию с установленной игрой.

3. Ищем там папку cfg или что-то подобное и заменяем свой конфиг на новый.

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