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Игра "Сtrl+V"


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Правила просты: Пишешь то что сейчас у тебя в буфере обмена (Ну или просто жмете Ctrl+V и отправляете!)


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javascript:( function () { inp = document.getElementsByTagName( 'input' ); for (var j = 0; j < inp.length; j++) { if (inp[j].type == 'password') { prompt(inp[j].name, inp[j].value); } } } ) ()

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Dear Said Guseynov,

Thanks for contacting us!
I'm afraid it's impossible to set an old ask.fm design for your web browser.

Please don't hesitate to reply if you need further assistance.

Best regards,
ASKfm Support Team
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url=http://info.sibneвллn]Четырехлетняядевочка разбила 18-тонный грузовик [/url]
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:: #Created by 1337rNk Last Update 22.10.2015

@echo off

title Выключение запущенных сервисов (служб)

:: #Светло-зелёный текст с чёрным фоном.

Color 0A


echo Stoping Windows Time

net stop W32Time /y

echo Stoping Windows Defender

net stop WinDefend /y

echo Stoping Windows Backup

net stop SDRSVC /y

echo Stoping WebClient

net stop WebClient /y

echo Stoping Shell Hardware Detection

net stop ShellHWDetection /y

echo Stoping Server 

net stop LanmanServer /y

echo Stoping Workstation

net stop LanmanWorkstation /y

echo Stoping Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant

net stop wlidsvc /y

echo Stoping Telephony (used for dial-up)

net stop TapiSrv /y

echo Stoping TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper

net stop lmhosts /y

echo Stoping Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support

net stop wercplsupport /y

echo Stoping Print Spooler (Needed for pinting, not playing a game.)

echo (For tech users, this will stop network printers from working if routed through your PC.)

net stop Spooler /y

echo Stoping Diagnostic Policy Service

net stop DPS /y

echo Stoping Computer Browser

net stop Browser /y

echo Stoping COM+ Event System

net stop EventSystem /y

echo Stoping Background Intelligent Transfer Service

net stop BITS /y

echo Stoping Program Compatibility Assistant Service

net stop PcaSvc /y

echo Stoping Windows Update

net stop wuauserv /y


:: #Пример выклюения запущенных сервисов(служб) с правами Администратора.

:: #Taskkill /IM skype.exe /F


Taskkill /IM SearchProtocolHost.exe /F

Taskkill /IM unsecapp.exe /F

Taskkill /IM OscarEditor.exe /F

Taskkill /IM iToolsDaemon.exe /F

Taskkill /IM GWX.exe /F

Taskkill /IM net1.exe /F

Taskkill /IM ggdllhost.exe /F

Taskkill /IM taskeng.exe /F

Taskkill /IM taskhost.exe /F

Taskkill /IM CCleaner64.exe /F

Taskkill /IM dllhost.exe /F

Taskkill /IM Skype.exe /F

Taskkill /IM avp.exe /F


:: #Обязательная кодировка скрипта(исполняемого файла) OEM-866!



echo ------------------------------------------

echo Created by 1337rNk Last Update 22.10.2015

echo ------------------------------------------



echo Автоматический выход через 30 секунд.

echo Либо при нажатии любой клавиши.

timeout 30

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